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In much the same way as you write an introduction to a blog post that aims to keep the reader reading, you need to plan a hook for your video content to keep the viewer watching. In the above-mentioned book, Amy Schmittauer emphasizes abiding by an 8-second rule. That’s about how long you have to convince the viewer that your video is worth their time – so make sure you’re consciously delivering that! The next step is to film and build your video This is the part most people overthink, and the one they get the most discouraged by. They want to create a brilliant video and they want to use the best equipment. Then they see these four-digit price tags and give up. 

The key to building a successful piece of video content from a technical point of view is to have clear and well-lit visual footage, steady camera, crisp sound and a natural flow of frames and sounds. That’s it. You don’t need thousands of dollars to achieve that – heck, you don’t even need hundreds. Free options can get you really far, and most options to upgrade are available for under $100. You can create a small setup to start out for approximately $300 all up – giving you the opportunity to create many videos, learn along the way, and upgrade as you grow. 

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So let’s talk about the equipment you need. Camera Before we talk about any other equipment, let’s tackle the camera first. The amazing, but often forgotten fact, is that most phones today can record in 4K quality using the rear-facing camera. To record high-quality footage with your phone, however, there are some key points to remember: use the rear-facing China phone number camera whenever possible; look directly into the lens; avoid using the phone’s digital zoom (as it will lower the footage quality and potentially make it grainy); and take advantage of the feature that locks the focus and exposure by tapping and holding your screen. 

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All of these tips are applicable to both iPhone and Android. You’ll also need to ensure your phone is stable and your scene is well-lit, no matter what it is you use to shoot. For now, I challenge you to take your smartphone and try making some video footage following the steps above. Once you outgrow smartphone filming, there are a few upgrade options. If your camera budget is limited to $200, you can invest in either a Nikon Coolpix L340 ($184) or a Canon PowerShot SX610 HS ($199). Both of these will do a superb job. 

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Alternatively, if you’re ready to invest in a DSLR camera, you can buy a Nikon D3300 ($446) or a Canon EOS Rebel T6 ($449). Remember, you can always start off completely for free and upgrade as you advance your filming skills and needs evolve! Lights It’s one of the fundamental truths of shooting videos: if your footage is dark and unclear, your final video will be bad and perform poorly. But before you invest in lights, first think of all the ways you can use the one light source that is completely free – natural light! While natural light comes

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