And a Different Language of Communication

So it requires a special way of conveying the message (users ask for it!). One case to follow and one inappropriate message on social media, in this case – instagram (gary vajnerchuk) 2. Familiarity with the target audience and personalization Paraguay Phone Number context marketing requires knowledge about your target audience. Creating a persona could help you document the potential customer base. In addition, you should know what kind of audience you want to interact with in general (for example, big city dwellers, 25-34 age group). You should gather as much information as possible about. Your audience and check the determinants.

The Correct Documentation

Although this may be true, ask you to know Paraguay Phone Number the person’s name, but to see where he works, what he likes, what social media he uses, what he recently bought and so on. The more you know, the better you will be able to personalize your communication with the client. Another important factor is to know the behavior of users on your page – where they click, what subpages are searched for, where users spend the most time and what makes them act. . What information helps with personalization (tom wenworth) 3. Real time activity real-time marketing is one of the elements of marketing context. It requires the creation of content with reference to current events. Oreo and lego are true masters in this field. This kind of content is notice.

By the Audience

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And makes the customer Paraguay Phone Number feel that a certain brand is not a dehumanized entity. But an active participant in the customer’s life. In addition, real-time marketing activities go beyond the reach of the message. Although this may be true, users to interact and induce (or at least should induce) positive emotions. Lego’s use of the oscar selfie idea (left) and the well-known. Oreo real-time marketing created during the 2013 super. Bowl power outage. To summarize … As mentioned above, context marketing. Is not content marketing. They are not synonymous. In any case, context marketing is the next leve. Of content marketing activities. It makes content marketing more effective and starts a dialogue between the brand and customers. (existing or potential), instead of creating a one-sided message.

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