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This demonstrates a lack of awareness when you consider that every niche requires. A unique and specific strategy, particularly the controversial ones. Traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to website traffic for business first name. Email * download now what are controversial business niches and. How are they different from others? A controversial business niche is one where consumers experience a clash of opinions and beliefs.

Such niches don’t always have a 100% approval rating from the audience. Other than obviously extreme controversial niches, like porn or the gun industry, some other common examples include pharmaceutical companies. Loan groups, political groups, bodybuilding communities and more. Here’s a more specific example. I put the query ‘carbonated drinks’ into google and here is what came up: as you can see from the screenshot. Four search results are informative links, two are promoting the benefits of carbonated drinks and one is showing an unbiased opinion.

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In contrast, three search results are against carbonated drinks. Hence, if a business was selling carbonated drinks, they would find tough competition out there as evidenced by these seach engine results. Therefore you can see that carbonated drinks are a controversial niche. Consequently, a question comes to mind: how is each controversial Lebanon phone number business niche different and why should they be treated separately? The fact is, when you are working in such a hot and debated multi-layered industry. Then you have to cater to both sides of the proverbial coin: the pros and the cons. 

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The group could consist of men and women of varying age groups, or it could be geographically distributed. Once you have determined your niche, you must group your targeted audience, after which the audience polarization process takes place. Audience polarization audience polarization essentially refers to dividing the audience group. The division could be along the lines of pros and cons. Most marketers focus on the supportive group (pro group) and skip the anti-supportive group (con group), considering the latter to be a waste of time. The importance of audience polarization is best explained using an example: let’s say two parties are nominated for a presidential election. Party a has a strong hold over the nation with more than 60% of the supportive ratio, wheras party b has a 40% supportive ratio. You can see that when factoring in audience polarization, 

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In order to win the election, party b has to run a campaign to attract the other group as well. Strategy planning once you effectively identify these two groups, you can then plan out your marketing strategies more effectively. The first group, who is already in favor of your product, is among the low-hanging fruit. You can use your usual marketing tactics to impress and convert them. However, to persuade the opposing group in favor of your product through your marketing is a bigger challenge. Operating in a controversial niche using the isolation effect let me explain the impact of operating in a controversial niche using the von restorff effect or isolation effect. With this approach, the isolated entities will

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