Although There Is No Magic Formula for a Perfect

Content strategy, to choose the most appropriate one you can try formats previously tested by other companies. Guides and tutorials – among the most popular types of social media content guides. And tutorials are often used by companies. That aim to form an audience that will familiarize them. With certain products and services. Any product can Slovenia Phone Number come into play. For example, a tutorial in which the parquet manufacturer offers tips. For installing parquet will convince the user. That he is not only interested in selling his product. But also the buyer to get the best results after purchase. Honest and authentic content will be appreciated and gain users.

Another Good Example

Is the blender manufacturer blendtec. ” will it mix ?” video series it was Slovenia Phone Number enthusiastically receive by the social media community and proved to be a great success. Video success is based on a clear message. For years, the company’s audience has seen this product blend everything from sticks to iphones. In each video episode, the company’s founder can be seen checking to see if certain items can be crushed in one of his company’s blenders. Unprecedented content has become particularly popular on social media and has made a significant contribution to the brand’s popularity. In addition, every video has a clear message: blendtec products prove to be effective even in atypical use.

What Could Be

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More effective than that? Videos have a Slovenia Phone Number minimum production cost, are product-orient. And generate millions of views. Manufacturer Blendtec explains the success of his approach in a recent interview. Was accidentally develop by a new marketing director hired in 2006. I always tried to break my blenders to find their fault points and how to improve them. George, the new marketing director, discovered some of the crazy things that are i did something to my mixers … on a budget of $ 50, george bought a happy meal, a fried chicken, coke cans, golf balls and a few other things and they made five videos. Six days later we had six millions of views. Six years, more than 120 videos, nearly 200 million views later.

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