Although It Is Possible to Redirect to a New Site

Users will need to re-register the new domain site. So sincere measures such as notifying in advance are required. Points to remember when changing domains next. I would like to introduce two points to keep in mind when changing domains. Do not allow two pages with the same content to exist. Cases where two pages have the same content. But different are Austria Phone Number List considered duplicate content and the ratings. From the search engine are distributed. As a result, the negative impact on the ranking will be greater. When changing domains. Be careful not to have two identical contents. In the old and new domains at the same time. Redirection settings are useful for this issue. Redirection means page transfer, which can inform both users and search engines.

Of the Page Transfer

Google recommends redirects when relocating the site. And also discloses Austria Phone Number List that it does not lead. To the loss of “pagerank” which is one of the evaluation indicators of the search engine. Redirection is an essential item. When changing domains from an seo perspective. Reference: site relocation with url changes. Google search central make sure the redirected. Page is indexed until you redirect, you need to limit the indexing. Of new domain sites using noinde. Settings and basic authentication. Even if you set the redirect in this state, the site of the new domain. Will not be indexed unless the set access restriction is released. So don’t forget to allow the index after publishing your new domain site.

It Is Also Effective

Austria Phone Number List

To send a site map. Which will be Austria Phone Number List described later, to promote crawls. Seo-focused domain change procedure here. We will introduce the steps required to change. The domain in 6 steps. Check each one carefully. As it is an important setting for inheriting the evaluation. Of the search engine. List urls for sites in the old domain list all the urls that exist. On the current site so that you can see them. The list of urls for the old domain is needed to make sure you have. The correct redirect settings when comparing to the sites for the new domain. Depending on the cms you are using, such as wordpress. There is also a function that allows you to get urls all at once. So let’s check it. Another option is to use a sitemap or google search console.

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