Can Also Change Your Set Parameters

One of the biggest changes in GA4 is the underlying data model. GA4 no longer focuses on user-based data collection, but the full focus is on measuring events. That makes GA4 very unambiguous and simple to use, because events are the only thing you can measure. But on the other hand, this ‘limitation’ requires the necessary creativity from the user. You need to transform the current measurement plan in Universal  Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Analytics into an event-based measurement plan, which is suitable for the capabilities and functionalities of GA4. Take a structured approach Ask yourself the following questions: What kind of questions do I want GA4 to answer? Which data do I find important.

Change Your Set Parameters

Which tags are currently set but never used? Certainly for larger containers in GTM, the migration to GA4 will be quite a challenge. You must convert each Universal Analytics event tag to a GA4 event tag. By approaching the transition in a structured way, you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to measure, how you should approach this and what this should look like in GA4. You also start with a clean slate! Also read: Switch to Google Analytics 4 [extensive step-by-step plan] Only events, events and more events Because the event-based data model is the biggest change of GA4 compared to Universal Analytics, I focus on that in this article.

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Your Set Parameters

The first step to take is to allow data to enter GA4 by configuring the appropriate tag . After you have drawn up your measurement plan for GA4 and it is clear what exactly you want to measure and what kind of data you want to get from GA4, you can start thinking about implementing events. In GA4 you automatically measure a large number of events, such as first visit, session start and user engagement. If you enable ‘enhanced measurement’ for your property, a number of events are added on top, such as downloads, site search and scroll depth. Within enhanced measurement you can choose which events you want to measure even more automatically.

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