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they decided they wanted 4 bedrooms, a home movie theater, hot tub, fountain, and helicopter landing pad and they expect you stay within budget and on time. Project management image No client in their right mind would ask for that! People understand that would mean more plumbing, electrical work, concrete, drywall, insulation… the list goes on. Yet your agency’s clients seem to have no problem asking you to make one more graphic, to rework the design, or to create another landing page. 

Then you give it to them because you have a hard time saying no or because you don’t want to cause friction in the relationship, or whatever flawed logic you use to rationalize it. This little devil is called scope creep. Scope creep is anything, and I mean anything, that falls outside of the predefined and agreed upon project scope. If you don’t strictly inform and enforce scope creep policies, it will take over your service bandwidth and your time will get absorbed in unprofitable projects.

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Easier said than done, right? Especially when saying no to a client and keeping them happy seems a bit like mixing oil and vinegar. To avoid disgruntled clients, you must tell them before the project begins that anything extra they want done outside of the New Zealand phone number original scope will cost them extra time and money. Then as soon as something pops up, you must enforce it. This will teach the client that you take the budget and timeline very seriously. 

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They may get a bit peeved that they have to pay for the services they’re asking you to perform (sounds like a “duh” moment when you hear it like that) but good clients will understand they get what they pay for. When a project gets delivered on time and on budget they’ll forget about that “just one more revision” they asked for weeks ago. 3. Pricing There are dozens of pricing models, strategies, and techniques. Some agencies see great success with one, while others see the same one fail. So what’s the perfectly competitive price for your services? High prices can make you seem elite, but if you set your prices too high you’ll scare people off. Low prices can attract more people, but if you set them too low you’ll be jeopardizing your profit margins. 

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The thing about setting low prices is that you’re automatically attracting a certain caliber of client. The bottom of the barrel client that expect you to jump through hoops at no additional cost. Then when a cheaper option comes along they won’t hesitate to leave your agency in the dust. Unless you’re the lowest price in the industry, you might as well be one of the highest. Nobody goes for the second cheapest option. Can your agency truly sustain being the cheapest option? Raising your prices will have its consequences too, and you will inevitably scare some people off. But think of it like this: You could be charging $100 and have 1,000 clients ,or you could be charging $1,000 and have 100 clients. Which strategy means less work for you? Which one will

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