Allowing You To Merge Or Split Certain

And which events fall under enhanced measurement . Recommended events by industry In addition, there is also a list of recommended events by an industry that are not automatically measure. But which Google strongly recommends to use. If they apply Albania WhatsApp Number List to your measurement plan. For example, the recommended events are divided into different branches such as Retail E-commerce or Travel. With this you already have a nice list of events from Google that may be relevant to you.

Allowing You To Merge Or Split Certain

GA4 stroomschema enhanced measurement If you choose to implement featured events, please use the recommended naming convention from Google as well. This recommended naming convention can come in handy. In GA4, Google will place more emphasis on machine learning and automation in the various reports. By using Google’s naming conventions, you can more easily link events in reports and provide you with better insights. In addition, Google Analytics 4 has a maximum of 500 events per GA4 property and that can quickly become a mess without clear naming.

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To Merge Or Split Certain

So, in your measurement plan, also think about how you will categorize your custom events. So that you can easily find everything. Vaarwel Event Category, Event Action en Event Label. An event is a special form of a hit in Universal Analytics, and a different ‘type’ of hit than, for example, a page view. These ‘event hits’ were assigned an Event Category. Action and Label in UA. Within GA4, all hits and events on the website are measured as an event. Those events are define by the set Event Parameters and User Properties. This becomes clearer with the help of an example.

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