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Where we are present, to choose the language you want and so the whole offer will be visible. If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone. If you also want to publish in a country Saudi Arabia Phone Number where we are not present. Please write us an email on and we will try to expand there as well. From now on, websites can be filter. Not only by language, but also by country. For example, websites in English may also filter by country of origin (eg united states, united kingdom, australia, canada , etc.).

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Valid for projects in german. Where you can Saudi Arabia Phone Number choose between germany, Austria, switzerland, lichtenstein and russian. Where you can choose between russia, ukraine, belarus and kazakhstan. We register new websites every day and our offer is growing, so we invite you to constantly look at the whitepress platform . The new feature allows you to import ready-formatted content directly from. This change will be very beneficial for marketers as they will be able to save time spent formatting text copied from an external editor. Import the contents of an article from a doc, docx (word) or odt (openoffice, libraoffice) file. The titles, subtitles, paragraphs and images (graphics) in the uploaded document are automatically distinguished and the directly formatted article.

Added to the Platform

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Just make sure the text and Saudi Arabia Phone Number content look the way you want them to. And everything is ready to go! Auto content completed and formatted after importing from file the new feature will save time with each artiol publication and will also improve the export of files from the whitepress platform, which will shorten the publishing process for the publisher. In order to download the text to be published, the editor can. With a single click, export the file to the same extension as it was imported by the marketer, thus preserving the arrangement and formatting of the content. Important changes in the presentation of the portals. On the one hand, marketers expect cheap publishing opportunities.

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