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The large number of wechat accounts that were exposed some time. Ago exposed the false prosperity of wechat public accounts and. Wechat business Germany Phone Number from the side. , the public accounts are constantly facing. New problems. 1. The bottleneck of fans today, the growth. Of wechat official account fans has become Germany Phone Number increasingly difficult, but the number of official accounts. Is still growing by tens of thousands every day. In the face of more and more public accounts. Users have lost their sense of freshness, and the growth of fans is no longer. What it was in the early days of public accounts. Even on the wechat guangdiantong advertising platform. The cost of adding a fan is getting higher and higher today.

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Official account as an example. It has been nearly Germany Phone Number a year since the opening. Of guangdiantong last year. The cost of adding a fan to diantong is 3-5 yuan. But this year it has been as high as 10-15 yuan per fan. And sometimes the cost of adding a fan is as high as 20 yuan. More and more companies have begun to increase Germany Phone Number fans through guangdiantong. Which is also the most effective way to quickly increase. Fans at present. The method is no longer affordable for most wechat public accounts. 2. The opening rate of the official account is gradually decreasing. As each user follows more and more official accounts. Their open rate to the official account is getting lower and lower.

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Follow dozens of subscription accounts. And they Germany Phone Number open one for a week. . Even logical thinking, yiyi and other. Wechat accounts are facing such an embarrassing situation. The open rate of fans is getting Germany Phone Number lower, so that logical thinking, yiyi, etc. Have to continue to spend a lot of costs to expand. New fans through guangdiantong. In order to maintain the fan. Activity of the official account, it is not difficult to explain why an official account has more than 10 million. Fans today, but the number of articles read and forwarded is not as good. As the past 1 million fans, of course. This is the same as their current content.

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