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How to write a headline in 3 steps 4 tips for writing headlines Even if you’ve written the best blog post in the world, nobody will read it if you don’t have a compelling headline. Why? Because you have to win the click. And that’s the job of the headline. In this post, you’ll learn how to write a compelling headline that attracts clicks without engaging in clickbait. But first. What is a headline? Why are headings important? How to write a headline in 3 steps 4 tips for writing headlines What is a headline? A headline is a title, a name so to speak. A good headline fulfills three aspects Gets the reader’s attention Makes the reader curious enough to click Accurately describes the content If you meet all three points in a single sentence, you’ll win all the readers you want.

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Why are headings important? A good headline Latvia phone number will lead people to your article. In most cases, your headline is the only factor that people use to decide if your article is worth reading. And headlines compete for attention in different ways depending on the platform they appear on. On social media Your article will be inundated with a never ending barrage of alarming news, posts from your audience’s favorite people, and advertisements designed to lure people’s brains from browsing to buying. Remember that people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Your headline has to hold its own against all of these highly qualified competitors. In email subject lines The average office worker receives 121 emails per day .

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Even if only 10 of those are newsletters with links to blog posts, most people won’t read 12 posts a day. They select the few interesting articles based on their headlines. From search results The average website gets almost 2 3 of its traffic from Google. A good headline increases the likelihood that searchers will click your page and not the other results. How to write a headline in 3 steps Writing a headline is not that difficult. With a simple three step system, you can learn the basics. Just keep a few things in mind as you go through them You should write your headlines for Google searchers because, as mentioned earlier, most of your traffic comes from search. It’s usually best to write the headline before your blog post. Still, you can use each step to refine an ad hoc headline.


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