Or Work in an Agency and Start Working with a New Client?

Did you just start using whitepress, publish articles off-platform, if your strategy includes posting only once on a website, you have the right strategy. Until now, comparing the list of websites. Where you have already published. With the one where you can Oman Phone Number publish through whitepress was a dull process. That’s why we’ve automated this process. So you can save time. How does this new feature work? When you search for portals on whitepress. You can exclude websites that are already linked to your project. These websites may be the ones you have already published through whitepress.

Your Own List of Domains

Or links imported from ahrefs. Who did i introduce Oman Phone Number this feature for? Marketing and seo agencies that take on new clients. Agencies that use whitepress and want unique links. Seo agents and marketers. Who are starting to use. Whitepress and want to save time to compare domain listings marketers. Who want to buy articles through whitepress. But also to distribute content outside the platform for you! Practical tips. How to use what’s new in . Log in to your marketer account go to the “my projects” section and add a new project or select an existing project from the list. Click the “edit” button on the desired project go to the “domains with links to my site” section select the options that interest you.

The New Functionality

Oman Phone Number List

Allows you to exclude Oman Phone Number websites in 3 ways: published by whitepress own list created or extracted with other tools, you can use ahrefs integration with whitepress and import directly from ahrefs (the list can be updated only once a month). Example: we add a list of domains that already have a link to our website. Just copy a list already created in the platform and then press the “add” button. Thanks to the integration of the ahrefs tool in the whitepress platform, updated information will be imported from the “referring domains” section -> “live” after clicking the “update” button, two options appear – to update the list of domains that include a link to “www.” and the possibility to include subdomains as well.

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