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After the founding of reinsurance, guevara. Was born in Dominican Republic Phone Number the united kingdom, and the renren mutual insurance company was established in shanghai, china in 2014. After that, many mutual insurance companies such as lemonade, inspeer, and peercover were quickly born.  Characteristics, problems and positive Dominican Republic Phone Number significance of mutual insurance in china just like the similarity. Between lending club and creditease only rests in the name of p2p. China’s mutual insurance and friendsurance. Are very different, including: complete departure from traditional insurance. Major illness insurance; with a strong public interest nature; due to the need. To diversify the risk of large-scale critical illness claims. China’s mutual insurance involves a lot of users.

The Main Patterns Dominican Republic Phone Number

Of its design are: each member pays a very Dominican Republic Phone Number small membership fee (often less than 10 yuan), and after the 180-day observation period ends, they become full members and enjoy insurance benefits. If a member has a major illness claim, divide the claim amount by the number of members and notify the member  Dominican Republic Phone Number to pay the mutual aid fee. Because the claim amount for major illness is generally high, the general mutual aid platform’s claim limit is 300,000 yuan. In order to avoid a single member the mutual assistance fee paid is too high. Generally, the platform starts to settle the claim after gathering tens of thousands of users. The mutual assistance fee of the general platform is generally less than 100 yuan.

If the User Does Dominican Republic Phone Number

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Dominican Republic phone number

The mutual assistance fee, the platform Dominican Republic Phone Number will consider it to automatically withdraw from the membership and end the membership. Problems with this model include: members not sure how much to pay? Because the occurrence of claims cases is unpredictable, although it can be predicted through Dominican Republic Phone Number statistical models. Not sure how much to benefit? When the claim occurred, the amount claimed was uncertain as the number of members paying mutual aid fees was unknown. The fundamental problem arising from this is that the original intention of purchasing insurance is to obtain certainty of future claims with certain expenditures, and mutual insurance does not meet this demand.

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