Ad Library: How to use the feature to improve campaigns?

What is the ad library?
The ad library (or ad library ) is a tool that serves to search for ads that are being displayed on all meta products. Such as instagram and facebook.

The feature was created to bring more transparency to Finland Phone Number ads made on the company’s platforms. In response to the controversy caused by political advertisements posted on facebook.

Because of this concern with transparency. It is possible to access information even without being logged into the social network. In the case of political ads. Even those that are inactive can be found. As long as they have not been run for more than 7 years.

By searching the platform. You can find out how many ads a page has made. What texts and images are used. The campaign start date. Among other data. However. More detailed information. Such as budget and audience targeting that a particular ad is intended to reach. Is omitted.

For marketers. The ad library is valuable.

At a time when consumers’ attention is highly sought after on social media. Knowing what other businesses are doing can be a competitive differentiator.

How to use the ad library?
Using the facebook ads library is easy. The tool is simple. Free and does not require any login (to file complaints or access content classified as adults. However. You must be logged in). Still. There are some tips to make the most of it. Check it out below.

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The first step is to access the website .
The homepage resembles a common search engine such as google. Before doing the search. You need to select the country in which the ads were run and choose between two categories: “all ads” and “themes. Elections or politics”. If you are looking for commercial advertisements. Opt for the first one.

Facebook ads library in the search field. Enter the name of the business whose ads you want to see. When typing. It is already possible to choose a specific page. Facebook ads library click on the page you’re looking for to see the ads that link to it. Or if you’d rather see the overall results for the keyword. Click the magnifying glass icon.

On the results page. You’ll see some details for each ad.

Such as text. Links. Images. Start date of delivery. By clicking on “view ad details”. It is possible to view the different versions of each advertisement.
As you can see. The facebook ads library is very simple and intuitive to use. Anyone who has ever accessed a search engine on the internet will have no difficulty.

However. It’s not enough to look at other companies’ campaigns. You need to know how to get good insights from them for your own strategy. That’s what we’re going to talk about next.

How to use the ad library to gain insights for your own campaigns?
1. Explore the filters
when you search for a brand and view its ads. You can refine your search using filters such as “language”. “platform”. “media type” and “impressions by date”. To access them. Simply click on “filters” in the upper right corner of the screen. You will then see this window:

how to filter facebook ads the first filter. “country”.  The tab will show all those on which the searched page has ads currently running.

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