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Guidelines and the limits involved. You might want to limit entries to certain countries or have a minimum age requirement, and. You might want to limit how many times a person can enter. List all of these details very clearly on a landing page, rather than putting them into a comment or caption. That way your post will look much cleaner and you will be seen to have more transparency to boot. Award extra chances to win by adding a form. One of the reasons hashtag contests are so popular is that they’re easy to enter. 

However, if you’re interested in collecting email addresses to use. In future marketing endeavours, you might consider adding. A form for your contest since you may have some. Customers who don’t use instagram or twitter. People can then enter by uploading an image using your specific hashtag to this form. This is a great way to earn more participation in your. Hashtag competition and you can even give them extra chances. To win if they enter using the form. Watchnerds hashtag competition make it clear how you will choose a winner. When it becomes time to choose a winner, you have a few options.

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Software platforms like shortstack can combine all your hashtag entries into a feed from which you can use a random entry picker tool to choose a winner. You can also let votes determine the winner, as mentioned earlier, or choose the one you like best Egypt phone number based on some criteria you specified in your rules – e.G., funniest, most creative, etc. But whichever approach you take, provide details of it right from the start. The best ugc ideas from hashtag competitions once your hashtag promotion is over and you’ve chosen a winner, you should have amassed a nice amount of user-generated content that you can use in future marketing efforts. 

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Since sharing ugc is a proven way to increase engagement, build trust and drive sales, your next best step is to start creating and sharing stories using the material you collected. Sharing ugc gives you a unique opportunity to connect with your customers, and increasingly consumers say ugc is more ‘trustworthy’ than content created by a brand’s marketing department. If there is a poster child for ugc marketing, it’s gopro. The camera company has ugc campaigns running pretty much nonstop and the strategy has worked wonders for them. 

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Customers use the camera to film, well, whatever they happen to be doing and are encouraged to upload their footage on gopro’s website under one of many categories (travel, family, fun, etc.). The users who ‘win’ in categories get their content published on gopro’s website and via various social media channels. Gopro also offers prizes and cash for people who win their ‘content challenges’. Gopro hashtag competition any business could do something similar, showcasing the best entries either on existing social channels or on one you set up for the express purpose of promoting your users’ content. Winning videos and photos often get hundreds of thousands of views and likes so it’s a fantastic opportunity to increase brand recognition. You can also use the ucg you collect to recruit brand advocates.

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