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The topics of the blog posts are well-crafted and the information has been placed onto solid platforms with a decent domain authority, which means they will rank well in serps. Here are some other pro tips for creating powerful content for this scenario: identify the right content form. To market to the dissidents, you need to identify where they are, because each niche has a different audience and a different platform for promotion. Research the right medium through which to address the concerns of the dissidents. Let your post headline say it all. 

When a user is searching google, youtube or another platform for answers, your post title should be capable of convincing them that you can answer their queries and pique their desire to read the full post. Come up with some convincing stats. Authentic statistics and demographics can help you in winning any content battle in any niche. If you come up with factual data, there are also higher chances of making your content go viral. Authentic factual data is enough to beat any content argument. 

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Leverage the power of ego through video marketing. When your audience falls into the category of dissidents who require detailed explanation to clarify their arguments, then vlogs are a great marketing source. All you need to come up with is a story-based video concept which highlights the positives of your niche and debunk any negative  Norway phone number misconceptions regarding it. Add an emotional engagement factor for additional ego-bait. The ego-bait technique can be applied in any content form: videos, infographics, podcasts or anything else depending on the requirement of your niche. 

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Just make sure it’s compelling. Using influencers to support your case acorn influence conducted a study of influencer marketing. Print advertising and video marketing on google trends and came up with the conclusion that influencer marketing has developed an edge over print marketing and is also giving tough competition to video marketing. Have a look at the graph highlighting the top trends: according to inc. 84% of marketers are planning to launch at least one influencer campaign within the next 12 months. But how does influencer marketing relate to controversial niches. You ask? Well. You can safely assume that any given influencer is already using a product that some of their fans might dislike.

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 Therefore influencer marketing is a highly cost-effective customer acquisition channel with the power to transform your audience’s thinking. According to tomoson, businesses are earning $6.50 for each $1 spent on influencer marketing. If you’re looking for real-world inspiration behind this technique, look no further than kim kardashian. She is a globally recognized celebrity who is renowned for her hourglass figure. When anyone asks the reason behind her figure, the answer she gives is ‘waist training products’ – a controversial niche. You can see how a company has leveraged her reach to promote their product and create awareness amongst the dissidents in the screenshot below: connecting your offline efforts with your online presence experiential 

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