A Good Alternative to Create Campaigns for Social Networks

Plot important follow-up metrics to know if your social media campaign is performing well, it is necessary to establish tracking metrics , the famous kpis , or key performance indicators . They are performance indicators and help you monitor how your investment is generating returns . On social media, you can track the number of page followers , the engagement rate — which are the comments and shares — the campaign visibility and the volume of clicks on links , and these are just some of the kpis ideas . Ideally, you should think about the goal you want to achieve and what is interesting to follow to know whether or not this goal is being achieved . But be very careful with vanity metrics !

Steps to a Successful Social Media Campaign

Likes on pages and posts are monitored by many people, not only their own, but also the competition. However, be careful with these indicators, as they do not generate a direct result, an influence that helps explain the objective. Complete guide on how to plan successful Marketing Directors Email Lists actions using digital marketing. See the banner below: how to make a digital marketing plan in your company you can create a post with a fun meme that generates a high rate of likes , but it won’t necessarily lead to more sales . Do you understand? Analyze your competitors since we mentioned competition in the previous topic, it is good to mention that analyzing companies that compete for the same target audience as you can generate important insights for your social media campaign .

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Always Post Original Content

We’re not saying that you should follow everything another company is doing and copy it, that’s not it. However, it is interesting to seek some ideas and improve them. Analyze the type of communication , the publications , the quality of the posts , the subjects dealt with and the public’s response , the frequency of action , among other aspects. Try to identify what is driving the most engagement , what the audience likes or doesn’t. Always post original content it is very important that you always publish original content , not copy from other companies or people — originality generates more credibility , trust and results . Content marketing is a very interesting strategy . With it, your company can attract more consumers , nurture leads , create marketing automation strategies and seek great advantages in the market.

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