4 Must-Try Retail PPC Strategies for 2021

Last month, I compiled a shortlist of strategies for B2B businesses to try in PPC advertising this new year.

Now, I’d like you to turn your attention to retail advertisers.

Let’s face it: it’s simple to stay with the strategies you have in place rather than try new approaches.

If you’re a retail advertiser who hasn’t been experimenting much lately (or you’re still stuck with keyword-only targeting) now is the time to branch out.

Wondering where to start? Try a few of these PPC strategies for retail on for size.

1. Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping campaigns combine standard shopping and display remarketing campaigns using automated bidding and ad placement to promote your products.

If you aren’t already using Smart Shopping campaigns as a retailer, you need to test them out – and possibly transition over some of your product groups.

These campaigns are good bets Pakistan Mobile Number because Google prioritizes Smart Shopping campaigns over standard shopping campaigns.

If you’re running a Smart Shopping campaign and your competitor is running a standard campaign, your campaign gets priority.

Another benefit: Smart Shopping campaigns run across all networks, meaning your ads will be shown on Gmail, YouTube, and the Display network. (It even uses your remarketing lists!)

We’ve enjoyed great results with our Smart Shopping campaigns, so I’m always a little surprised when other advertisers are reluctant to try them.

2. Discovery Campaigns

Pakistan Mobile Number

I think part of the problem is that Smart Shopping and remarketing are essentially lumped together.

Because remarketing is such an easy win, it steals the spotlight from Smart Shopping. People think that remarketing is doing all the heavy lifting.

I’m not sure that’s a fair assessment. In my experience, Smart Shopping still looks good even if you review past remarketing performance.

There’s one more reason why PPC managers tend to frown upon Smart Shopping: you have to give up control.

Success with traditional shopping campaigns depends on your ability to get in the weeds and exercise control at the most granular level.

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