010 The Soul Torture of SaaS Entrepreneurs

Don’t rush to get started. Believe that every year and every stage will have an opportunity that belongs to you. The key is whether you see clearly and 010 The Soul whether you are ready.

The following three questions (and only these three 010 The Soul questions to a certain extent) are worth asking before embarking on the journey, and reviewing their entrepreneurial ideas in the most rigorous way they can accept.

When the answer is invincible, fearless to question, and impeccable, the time to start a business is ripe. Then I bless you. May there be no difficulties in the world that can stop you from flying.

Soul torture 1: Does it really have the expected value?

Solving every social problem has value. The key is whether the value recognized by the market can match the entrepreneurial expectations.

One of the mistakes that SaaS startups are prone to make is to take American SaaS, imagine it in the domestic market, and assume that the success of the SaaS is well-receive.

Don’t pretend. Talk to your target customers with ideas. If you can’t reach your target customers, there is a high probability that your guesses about the needs are wrong.

If the target customer’s feedback is not salty Afghanistan Phone Number or bland, can’t understand or understand, of course, you need to figure out the reason in your heart. If you don’t have a clear target audience, keep switching people until you find someone who clearly resonates with your idea, and listen to him.

Soul torture 2: Can the solution be standardize?

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I wrote about the topic of [standardization] in the previous article,the judge can go to review the three difficulties I mentioned.

The standardization list is specifically pull out for discussion because standardization is too important. Everyone in the industry knows how many SaaS people who are struggling. In the market have started delivery because of non-standard problems in the market.

If the problem to be solve is very valuable and has been strongly recognize by the customer, then it is fine to customize the solution. However. If you are trying to solve the itch, and the problems and situations are varied. You must think clearly whether this is the goal you pursue, and whether you can accept the long-term working state.

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